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Production UTV Polaris Youth 170/250 Class Rules:

*All participants must be between the ages of 5-12 years old.

*The vehicles must be a Polaris 170cc RZR.

*A maximum “stock” 170CC engine must be used. No modifications or changes in the Youth 170 Class.

*Aftermarket ECU’s are not permitted in the Youth 170 Class.

*Aftermarket exhaust and suspension are permitted.

*No forced induction of any kind allowed.

*Vehicle must have window net or wrist restraints for driver and or rider.

*Racing 5 point harnesses must be used.

*All participants are required to wear a “Snell” approved helmet with eye protection.

*Fire suits must be worn.

*Pump gas with a 91 octane rating maximum must be used for Prodution 170 RZR Class

*Race fuel permitted for Youth 250 Class.

*Vehicles must have a roof.

*Fuel will be checked for the top 3 vehicles.

*Minimum vehicle weight for Youth 170 Class is 700 lbs.


All other UTV Production 700/800/900/1000 Classes

*All participants must wear SFI firesuits.

*Vehicles must be equipped with 3” wide 5 point racing harnesses.

*A Snell approved helmet must be worn with eye protection.

*Factory and aftermarket roll cages are permitted but must have fully enclosed doors. Doors must be secured so they can not open during the race. Ie… Hose clamp or zip ties.  

*Roll cages must have a 6 point mounting system to the chassis.

*Roll cages must have a roof panel.

*Vehicles must be equipped with either a driver side window net, wrist restraints or both.

*Aftermarket ECU’s are not permitted.

*All race vehicles brands must retain the corresponding engine brand.

*Race vehicles must have and easily accessible fire extinguisher or fire suppression system installed.

*All race vehicles must retain stock location suspension mounting locations.

NOTE: No cheating is allowed and there will be tech inspection following the race. If you are caught in violation of any rules you will be assessed a time penalty or disqualification from the event.

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